IV. Nature

You must empty your heart of fear, or you will die.

Despite my recent binge-watching of The Human Planet, I’ve always been drawn to the life existing outside my borders.  Amongst many other things I consider exploring the world we live in as a great purpose to my physical existence.  The time we are alive is our only opportunity to experience this terrifyingly beautiful planet and take in as much as we can before we leave it- or rather, return to it- forever.  In a world designed so that everything has a purpose, I’d like to believe that the purpose of humans is a sort of overseer of nature. We’re the only animals with the ability to control our world for and against its will, which is a huge responsibility.  We have the power of exploitation, for better and for worse.  It’s really disheartening to know that for both aspects we’ve chosen the latter, because we are innately selfish creatures.

I’m going off an a tangent, because what I really want to say is how envious I am for the people on this planet who’ve fashioned an extremely close relationship to nature. I admire their fearlessness, and their knowledge and resourcefulness makes me question everything I’ve ever known.  I think it’s because at the heart of their lifestyle is the sense of complete integrity and strength.  And in many ways, that’s all I ever wanted. That to me is a very meaningful life- to live with nature, not just in it. It requires a myriad of respect for the ways this world has taken care of itself since the beginning of its existence. It’s very humbling, to say the least, because it means realizing that the world does not revolve around you. It teaches you patience, because the world follows its own fragile pace.

To put it simply, I have so much respect for those that respect nature.  It sounds very tempting to just leave my current lifestyle and fly across the ocean and learn the way of life of the people that do.  It’s totally possible, but highly unrealistic.  But I know that if I can’t live it myself, I can still support the people that do.  I can still appreciate the world we live in, and I can contribute to its beauty in my own ways. Because when you give love to the world, it returns it back tenfold.


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