III. Advantage of Foresight

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”

It’s very romantic to say that the greatest thrill of being human is experiencing the mystery of life- to have been thrust into this unpredictable world with its unpredictable people and navigate your way into fulfilling your ultimate purpose. We can all agree however that to experience it day to day is something else.  It’s hard to appreciate the fact of being alive when we know that suffering and pain exist. It’s hard to see the ones we love hurt and feel completely helpless at their expense.  It is difficult to not have control of your own life when you’re used to solving your own problems.  As humans we need to have some sense of control, or we feel out of balance. As humans in this day and age there is security in knowing.

I believe that instant gratification is one of this generation’s largest vices. It has sort of made us lose our humility in some way.  It’s led us to believe that the best way is the quickest way and has made us shameful of failure.  We’ve sacrificed the journey for the destination. This power to me is an example of forgetting the meaning of living.

So would I use this special power? I wouldn’t say never.  I can’t deny that there’s been times where hope wasn’t strong enough to hold me together, and I absolutely can’t deny that I’ve experienced remorse.  I still trust in the idea that everything happens for a reason and what should happen will happen in it’s appropriate time, but if I can save someone’s life or spare them pain at the expense of mine, I’d want the opportunity to do so if this power allow it. To me it’d be like the big red button. I shouldn’t have to use it, but in the event of an emergency, it’s nice knowing that it’s there.


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